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Tartini Time has the horsepower to keep you moving at 8 knots when the wind has died down completely but you still have some sort of schedule to meet. Her Yanmar 75 hp diesel is located just where you would want it to be; on the centerline, below the cabin sole in the main salon. This position lowers the center of gravity and reduces the “hobby horse” effect found in boats with the engine further aft. It also improves access.

Just remove the seat cushion from the settee on the centerline, turn two latches and lift the cabin sole to reveal the engine. Note the tool box securely fastened to the underside of the cabin sole panel. Tartini Time’s engine received a complete service from the Yanmar Service dealer in San Diego, August 2012.

Ship’s batteries are located aft of the engine in secure battery boxes.

Center of gravity and access issues are good reasons for the engine’s location, but another positive side effect is that by not positioning it behind the companionway stairs, the space available for the aft cabin increases significantly. You will appreciate knowing that guests or family members won’t feel that they have been given second class accommodations.

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