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You will appreciate the electric halyard and main sheet winches when it comes to raising the main and tacking the genoa.

Tartini Time has a easy to manage rig. Her main is full batten with a Doyle Dutchman for easier sail handling. The Dutchman Sail Flaking System uses vertical control lines laced through fairleads in the sail. The lines are attached to the topping lift and at the base of the sail, and don’t move. The sail slides up and down on the lines like a Roman shade. As you drop the sail, the lines guide the main down to alternate sides of the boom. A few seconds straightening, and you’re done. One person can perfectly flake pretty much any size sail in under 20 seconds. Many owners don’t even bother with sail ties.

Offshore sailors particularly like how easy it makes reefing. The system collects the sail on the boom with no need to tie in the intermediate reef points. With lines led aft, you can reef entirely from the cockpit.

Running downwind, the boom brake is a reassuring piece of safety equipment to have in place if you accidently gibe. Her boom vang comes in very handy when fine tuning the main if you are a sailor who likes to get the most out of your sail trim.

The genoa is a 135 on a furling drum. Tartini Time is also equipped with a asymmetrical spinnaker for sailing off wind in light air. Cockpit adjustable genoa sheet cars make a great difference to how easily you can trim the genoa for best performance.

Even if you’re not into perfect sail trim, it is nice to know you can tune up if you want to!

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