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Good food and refreshment are as essential onboard as they are at home. If your nutritional needs are important to your overall health, why compromise? With a well thought-out galley you can enjoy the same conveniences you would expect at home.

Again, you will appreciate an orderly galley with more than enough counter space, drawers and cupboards for utensils and dishes, storage for pots and pans, dry storage for canned and packaged goods, and finally plenty of refrigeration and freezer capacity. After that you will want a working stove top, three burners, and an oven. Don’t forget a decent size microwave and an out-of -the-way waste container.

Too many galley sinks are too small to wash even a medium size plate. Notice Tartini Time’s two large molded sinks. They even have covers to either hide dirty dishes for a while or serve as added counter space. For your safety, the Block Knife set is permanently secured to the counter top.

Equally important, your galley needs to be well lit so you can see what you’re doing. Notice the perfect spot to brace yourself in an active seaway.

Perhaps most important of all…the positioning of the galley is both convenient, but is also strategic. Typical galleys are tucked away in a corner or somewhat removed from the general line of sight. Your sea chef feels removed from the rest of the crew and guests. Not here! Standing in the galley, you are still at eye level with others seated in the main salon settee. Stay connected with and part of the action!



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