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No need to abandon your personal hygiene standards just because you are aboard for a weekend, a week or a month. Heads on yachts are often too small to use comfortably. Not here!

The forward head is accessible from both the owner’s stateroom or through a door off the galley. VacuFlush heads avoid the frequent odors associated with decaying marine life in the sea water used to flush. The molded counter top and sink make it easier to wipe up after use. Vanity cabinets let you stow personal toiletries instead of living out of a toilet kit.

Want to take a hot shower. There is plenty of hot water and the enclosed shower doors reduce the likelihood of getting everything all wet in the process.

Mirrors, don’t forget mirrors. The make-up mirror on the front of the cabinet above the sink tilts up so you won’t have to bend over to see what you’re doing. The half mirror on the back of the door to the owner’s stateroom is very convenient for that last minute check-up before going ashore.


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